Offer the finest and freshest Ceylon Teas produced by Dilmah at your tea boutique. Select from our range of teas and accessories that best suit your requirement. Offering a selection of teas in a tea boutique would be an important element especially for customer who might looking for Varity of teas.


Endane Contemporary Glass Tea Pot with S/S Strainer

Elevate your tea brewing experience with this glass teapot. Infuser included.

Endane Traditional Glass Tea Pot with Glass Strainer

Make your teatime traditional and elegant with this glass teapot. Infuser included.

Endane Double Wall Glass Cup and Saucer

A pair of elegant double-walled cup and saucer for ample servings of your favorite tea.

Endane Double Wall Glass Mug

A double-walled, clear-glass teacup for beautiful and sleek way to enjoy your favorite tea.

Dilmah Tea Timer

In brewing tea, timing is crucial and the Dilmah Tea Timer is the perfect accessory to guarantee a perfect tea experience.

Camellia Leaf Tea Strainer with Holder

A handy Tea Strainer with Holder to brew and stain tea with ease.

Opatha Samovar

A traditional water boiler for use as an elegant and functional accessory and display feature for a Seven Star Tea Experience.

The Perfect Cup – Luxury Leaf Tea Brewer

Dilmah Perfect Cup Luxury Leaf Tea Brewer enhances your Dilmah Leaf tea experience with its sleek design, which is also convenient to use.

Effortless Tea Infuser

The effortless infuser helps you to brew the perfect cup of tea using the traditional preparation of loose leaf tea.

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