The Dilmah Book of Chai

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The Dilmah Book of Chai(Ebook) Sample
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Chai is one of the few delicious drinks that can also be good for you. Chai is fun, it is natural goodness and it is personal. Chai can be taken hot, chilled, infused with herbs, spices, rum, cognac or gin, but the most important ingredient is you. As the rest of the world discovers Asia’s pleasurable ‘secret’, that discovery must extend to the origins of the tradition, as each new Chai Aficionado crafts their own. In this book, we are pleased to share the recipes we have developed with Dilmah Tea Sommelier Robert Schinkel, express the cultural, sustainable and personal dimensions of chai. Harmony of flavour is vitally important in designing your chai, and tea offers an infinite variety of flavours, aromas and textures to meet the character of every herb and spice, whether intense or delicate.

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