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Imperial China Natural Jasmine Green tea

Colours of Tea. True lovers of tea know that together with an explosion of flavours, pure tea bursts in colour, painting its own story in the process. Through this, its character, personality and vibrance is portrayed forging a connection of sorts between the drinker and the tea.

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Imperial China Natural Jasmine Green tea
Imperial China Natural Jasmine Green tea

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    A natural and ancient combination of fragrant Jasmine Flowers and Green Tea, the curled green leaf, with flecks of Jasmine petals and buds, presents a complex of hues from white to jade green. The combination evolves when brewed, into a pale infusion with hints of olive and a surpassingly clean, delicate character and a delightful floral aroma. The pale liquor produces a finely balanced, natural Jasmine Tea. The delicate harmony amongst the mild green tea and Jasmine is achieved through a traditional technique that requires the night blooming Jasmine flowers to be fused with tea in a painstaking process of adding and removing the flowers from the tea several times. A fragrant and gentle green tea softly enveloped with delicate Jasmine.

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