Mahagastotte Estate BOP

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Bright and refreshingly elegant tea with a sprightly and regal personality.

  • Tasting Note & Distinctive Features

    An even Western High Broken Orange Pekoe Tea with brownish appearance and flecks of olive hinting at the elevation at which this tea is grown. The leaf evolves into a light coppery infusion when brewed. Golden orange liquor with a pleasing fresh, citrus note, hinting at seasonal quality. Bright, medium strength and refreshingly elegant, a tea with a sprightly and regal personality.

  • Servings Per Pouch

  • Tea Grading

  • Ingredient

    Pure Ceylon black tea

    no additives

  • Flavours


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Caffeine Level


Tea Format

loose leaf tea

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By Time of The Day

all day

  • Recommended to use Spring Water
  • 95˚C – 100˚C
  • 1 Tea Spoon (2.5g) per Person
  • 220ml of water per person
  • 3 – 5 Minutes (5 minutes for a strong cup)
Serve with
  • Honey
  • Sliver of fresh ginger
  • Twist of lemon
  • Fresh mint leaves
Accomplishment/Pair With
  • Desserts
  • Breakfast
  • Praline Cake
  • Steak
  • Rich Fatty Meat
  • Bananas
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